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About Us

Our dreams came true
15 years ago :)

We set out on this journey with the aim of meeting the serviced and virtual office needs of business people in the best way possible. We had our own property in the heart of Istanbul. We also had an architectural company. Our building was constructed on the land with a touch of original decor. We dreamed big, worked devotedly down to the last detail, and made everyone’s dreams come true.

We are still as excited
as we were on day one!

Our flexible service solutions have helped entrepreneurs invest their capital in their businesses rather than in their offices and so achieve their real goals. We took pride to introduce serviced and virtual office opportunities in Turkey.


We have never stopped advancing with new development. We have embraced the principle of closely following and implementing new technology. We have generated solutions. At Office Istanbul, we became the solution partner of thousands of companies as a result of our experience.

Always creating value
for our members!

Our members have only been left to focus on their work without the need to deal with the details required to establish a fully-equipped office. As they focused on their work, there was nothing lacking in the organization of their offices or their meetings. They added new chapters to their success stories. At Office Istanbul, we have been providing our members with added value through our serviced and virtual office services. We have been creating success stories together.

Beyond the borders

In addition to our 7 story and 2,500 m2 facility in Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul, we began offering our serviced and virtual office services in New York and London with the help of our solution partners. Office Istanbul awaits you with its realistic and innovative vision that will amaze those focused on development.



    To seek innovations and to find
    a balance between business
    realities and human values


    To focus on constructive results
    by keeping in mind the
    internal power of companies


    To increase efficiency by
    providing a peaceful and
    safe working environment



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