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Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Office


We offer our Virtual Office contracts for continuous periods of at least 3 months.

You don’t pay a security deposit or an establishment fee.

Phone answering and cargo package receiving services become activated within a maximum of one hour after the signing of the contract.

The address of the facility that you contracted for will be your registered address, and the tax office located at that address will be the new tax office of your company.  In the case of changes of address, the registered address and tax office of your company changes but your tax number will remain the same.

Inspection officers come to the facility within a maximum of five business days after your financial advisor applies to the tax office. Company partners or a person holding a power of attorney must be present at the facility during the inspection.

You will be exempt from rental stoppage as your company will be issued an invoice under the virtual office contract. You can also record this invoice as an expense.

We provide you with a fixed phone line without you having to pay any additional fees but if you wish you can also transfer your current number to our facility. We will add your phone number to our switchboard and offer phone answering services to you through your own phone line.

If you wish we can add a welcoming announcement specific to your company to the system. We can have the welcoming message recorded on your behalf at a professional studio in return for a fee or if you wish you can also have it recorded to be delivered to us later. (For example: “Welcome to X company. Please wait for the operator)

After your incoming calls are answered with the name of your company, the caller ID and the caller’s messages are received and instantly sent to your email. If you wish you can have the incoming calls forwarded to your mobile phone in return for a fixed fee.

All mail, notifications and cargo packages addressed to your company are received and notified to you via email. If you wish they are sent reverse charges to your choice of an address  upon your approval or are safely kept at our facility.

We instantly call and inform you when an unexpected guest comes to visit you. If you are able to come to the office we offer your guests tea and coffee and entertain them in the best way possible in our meeting rooms or lounge areas until you arrive at the office.


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